Whats in my hospital bag…

I’m now almost 35 weeks pregnant, so I thought Id better make a start on packing my hospital and baby bags. Whenever Ben and I go on holiday I ALWAYS over pack. Its one of my strange habits where ill just pack the whole contents under the kitchen sink just incase I might need it. I hate being caught short.

I know that travelling light when you’re a mum is so important. I’m not a muscle woman either so I thought If I did a post about what I’ve packed in my hospital bag it might help me break down essentials and luxury items a little easier. Looking online it was really difficult to find other hospital bag lists other than the shop ones which are all swayed towards their own products, so after a fair bit of research and youtube video watching, I thought it was about time I put together my own list and started packing. I also wanted to do a hospital bag post so that in the future when we come to have anymore children (Ben wants a big family haha), Ill have a starting point.

My New hospital/changing bag I absolutely love. It’s by a brand called Tiba and Marl. I’ll post link below to their website. It’s quite a large style bag but I love having plenty of room and because ill be using it as my changing bag too after hospital. I know ill manage to fill it with all things baby when she arrives. It comes with a changing mat and separate clutch handbag too.



I’ll do a separate baby bag post another time, as this will drag on otherwise.

So in my ‘Tiba and marl’ hospital bag  I have packed and ready to go:-

  1. Towel, hair towel and a flannel
  2. 8 pairs or shorts style black pants Size M (so I can fit a boat sized pad in them.)
  3. 2 sleep crop tops (Ive leaked from about 20 weeks so have to sleep with nursing pads)
  4. 2 Nursing bras – I got 1 from mother care and the other from H&M
  5. 2 pairs of fluffy socks
  6. Slippers
  7. Loose Maternity bottoms and a matching top  (Going home outfit)
  8. Maternity shorts and T-shirt Pjs
  9. Shirt style button up nightie (for labor)
  10. Cotton nightie
  11. Loose cotton long light weight pjs
  12. 1 Nursing top
  13. 1 Nursing cotton dress
  14. Spare pair of loose fit cotton baggy trousers
  15. Boots Maternity Pads 1 pack
  16. 3 pairs of normal black ankle socks
  17. Bikini (Just incase I opt for a water birth)
  18. Phone charger
  19. Headphones
  20. Toiletry bag
  21. Nursing Bag

Extra that won’t fit in my bag :-

  1. Nursing pillow
  2. Fluffy short dressing gown
  3. Car seat

In My Nursing bag I’ve packed:-

  1. 2 milk bags ( Just Incase)
  2. 2 pairs of reusable breast pads
  3. Lanolin Nipple cream
  4. 8 pairs of boots disposable advanced breast pads
  5. Small Cooler bag  ( Ill explain below)

Due to having leaky boobs already, I mentioned this to the midwife at our antenatal classes. Id heard that from 37 weeks onwards you can hand express and freeze your colostrum in sterile syringes. That way if im struggling to feed straight away or any problems arise, Ill have some colostrum expressed already to make it less pressure straight away. So the cooler bag and ice blocks already frozen are to transport my colostrum syringes to the hospital in, so that they dont all defrost at once and are kept fresh.

In my toiletry bag I’ve packed :-

  1. Energy tablets
  2. Face wash – Mini size Simple
  3. Lavender oil – Botanics Boots
  4. Makeup Wipes Olay
  5. Lavender oil Boots botanics
  6. Puff puff (The washing thing)
  7. 4 pairs of disposable maternity pants
  8. Shampoo Mini Size
  9. Conditioner Mini size
  10. moisturizer Oil of olay
  11. Dry shampoo Batize
  12. Mouth wash Listerine Mini size
  13. Toothbrush
  14. Toothpaste Mini size
  15. Deodorant Dove
  16. Body Wash Mini Size
  17. Mama bliss  relaxation oil for wrists and temples
  18. Body spray
  19. Light pads
  20. Bobbles/Clips/Scrunchie
  21. Lip Balm
  22. Hair brush

Then finally Ive done a spare bag in car with extras in :-

  1. Spare Nappys
  2. Spare clothes for me
  3. Maternity pads and disposible pants
  4. Tissues
  5. Lightweight dressing gown (incase its warm)
  6. Spare muslins
  7. Spare pants
  8. Spare blanket
  9. Maternity pillow (Incase i need)

Ive also done a ‘still to pack’ when I go into labor list :-

  1. Hospital notes
  2. Makeup bag – Only has a couple of essentials tinted mosuriser, concealler Lipbalm and cream blusher just to freshen up for photos.
  3. Ipad and charger
  4. Tens Machine and pads
  5. Water bottle
  6. Ice blocks and colostrum syringes out the freezer

I have done ben a bag too :-

  1. Spare joggers and 2 clean tshirts
  2. Mens Freshen face wipes
  3. Snacks for us both ( I still need to get most of them a little closer to the time)

Our babys bag Ill do in another post soon, as I still have a few bits to add in. I hope this helps to break down the huge task of hospital bag packing. I love a list and work better if I am organised and can tick things off as I go along.

I think we are now just about set and as organised as we can be at this point. If anyones already an mum and knows any blatent items ive missed off my list, comment on this post please. Being a first time mum Ive just guessed most items and looked at other peoples videos and shop lists so that would be greatly appretiated.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Thanks for reading, Love Mia xo










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