Meal preparation for after the birth…

I’m all for fresh and homemade. I’ve never really been a fan of microwave or pre done oven meals, however working from home has always allowed me to have the time too cook. With baby on the way, I know even though I don’t mind cooking, and I’m hoping to be back in action as soon as possible after birth, I also don’t want to put myself under any pressure with cooking and cleaning and keeping on top of everything.

I had a couple of free days this week, so I thought I’d come up with some meals that would be easy to prepare and freeze so Ben and I have plenty of homemade dinners for a couple of weeks after the birth.

I prepared all our favourites that are so easy to freeze and taste just as good.

Bolognese with pasta

Chilli (Just need to cook rice)

Meatballs and pasta

Sausage pasta bake

Cottage pie

Cheese leek and potato pastys

Beef with creamy mushroom sauce and mash

Chicken with a white wine mushroom sauce roast potatoes and beans

Side dishes of lyonnaise potatoes and green beans (can just cook some fresh chicken to go with this)

Here’s a few of my prepared meals

Cheese, leek and potato pastys

Bolognese with pasta

Creamy lyonnaise potatoes and green beans

Creamy mushroom Beef and mash potatoes

I then dated all the dinners and got freezer friendly foil dishes from Wilkos so we can defrost and pop them straight in the oven.  I only have a smallish freezer but I seemed to get loads in when it’s all stacked and organised.

I still want to cook a lasagna, stew and some pies, which are on my to do list,  I just have to borrow a draw in my sisters freezer (Soph if you are reading this pretty please) Then  I think we have about a good 3 weeks of meals to see us through after baby girl arrives.

If any mums to be are struggling for inspiration I hope this helps. I cook most of my meals without recipes however the BBC good food recipies are great if you need a bit of guidance. They have pretty much everything on there too. I’ll pop the link below

There is also a company called cook which are based all over. You can also have delivered too.

We tried a few of their meals too and they were tasty, but this isn’t the cheapest option, and I do still prefer home cooking. I think I will schedule an order here too when I start to run low on my own meals.

I’ll post the link below so if you just can’t face cooking or don’t have the time. This is a great option. Our local store is West Bridgeford, and if you sign up you even get 10% off for 6 months if your parents to be. Every little helps.

My fave was the mac and cheese.

Anyway hope you enjoyed this post and it helped with pre baby meal prep.

Love Mia xo


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